About our institution

The aim of Bunjevac Cultural Institution is to introduce, explore and search the special value of Bunjevac culture. Our aim is to preserve the heritage of an ethnic group which can be the treasure of everyone this way. Without attendance and care this heritage would be less from day to day and finally could have even be forgotten. We would like to avoid this loss with our activity.

Our institution does its job disinterestedly – without a statement referring to national, political stand. This job includes the following tasks:

- research activity
- inviting tenders, fellowships (for example: ethnography, history, linguistics)
- publishing activity on the area of science and informative both
- organizing conferences, interdisciplinary science meetings
- collecting, storage and maintenance of material memorabilia
- attendance of domestic and international relations
- supporting traditionalist groups
- organizing and support events that help the realization of the aim

Our institution does not commit itself in the question of the independency of the Bunjevacs. We do not support this kind of activity since this matter covers personal fates, human history and emotions which root deeply. Our decided intent to preserve the culture of all Bunjevacs – either be the person Bunjevac, Bunjevac-Croatian, or anybody who self-confess himself or herself Hungarian, Serb or any other nationality with Bunjevac origin.

Our institution was established by Dr. Gyula J. Obádovics professor in 2017.

HQ:6500 Baja, Batthyány str. 13.
Office: 6500 Baja, Szabadság str. 84/B.
E-mail: bunyevacintezet(at)gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bunyevacintezet/

Name and data of the institution:
Bunjevac Cultural Institution Foundation
Reg.nr.: 03-01-0002579
Name of the competent court: Court of Kecskemét
Tax nr.:18946172-1-03
Statistic nr.:18946172-7220-569-03
Date of establishing document: 01.11.2017.
Bank account: OTP bank 11732033-22816906-00000000
IBAN: HU39117320332281690600000000

Bunjevac Circle of Friends
Our effort is to upheld such community which members – elevating over national debates – respect our Bunjevac cultural heritage and attempt to preserve and nurse it - furthermore according to their possibilities help and support the upkeeping of it. We thank all support and donation to this work

- tanulmányok, cikkek,
- bunyevác nyelvű irodalom,
- történelem, politika, helytörténet,
- néprajz, folklór, mesék,
- helyrajz, urbárium

6500 Baja,
Szabadság utca 84/B.

E-mail: bunyevacintezet(kukac)gmail.com